Aiola Village

Aiola means flowerbed in Italian. Inspired by the lush and beautiful rural setting of the Italian countryside with mix of urban lifestyle in this new community inside the Lakeshore Estates. The triumph of Central Country Estates, Inc. in providing a newly established subdivision with its very own amenities and features that residents will surely enjoy.

Aiola Village has been unveiled to the The Lakeshore Marketing Corporation and its associates brokers and agent last July 2006. It started as a bold plan for Central Country Estates, Inc. in developing a subdivision with amenities and features same as Lakeview Village without the lake inside the Lakeshore Estates with other more free spaces and parks to compensate this development for the soon to be residents of this subdivision.

Last September 2006, it was already presented to the public on its grand launching day coincides with the Lakeshore Estates 6th founding anniversary wherein it was filled with glittering lights, served with sumptuous meal and attended by different personalities like Boy Abunda in giving grace on the wonderful occasion.


NameTotal Contract PriceSQMPrice/SQMRESERVE
Block 1 Lot 22 Aiola West6,908,400.0040417,100.00
Block 2 Lot 24 Aiola West9,187,200.0052217,600.00
Block 3 Lot 11 Aiola West7,353,000.0043017,100.00
Block 3 Lot 12a Aiola West7,455,600.0043617,100.00
Block 3 Lot 14 Aiola West7,335,900.0042917,100.00
Block 3 Lot 8 Aiola West9,135,000.0052517,400.00
Block 5 Lot 24 Aiola West6,600,600.0038617,100.00
Block 6 Lot 11 Aiola East7,096,500.0041517,100.00
Block 6 Lot 19 Aiola East9,570,000.0055017,400.00
Block 6 Lot 21 Aiola East6,890,400.0039617,400.00
Block 6 Lot 27 Aiola East9,045,900.0052917,100.00
Block 6 Lot 31 Aiola East6,173,100.0036117,100.00
Block 6 Lot 34 Aiola East6,190,200.0036217,100.00
Block 6 Lot 7 Aiola East6,891,300.0040317,100.00
Block 6 Lot 8 Aiola East6,840,000.0040017,100.00
Block 8 Lot 10 Aiola South7,180,800.0038418,700.00
Block 8 Lot 18 Aiola South6,761,400.0035419,100.00
Block 8 Lot 19 Aiola South6,545,000.0035018,700.00
Block 8 Lot 20 Aiola South6,545,000.0035018,700.00
Block 8 Lot 22 Aiola South6,631,000.0034919,000.00
Block 8 Lot 7 Aiola South6,993,800.0037418,700.00
Block 8 Lot 8 Aiola South7,049,900.0037718,700.00
Block 8 Lot 9 Aiola South7,106,000.0038018,700.00
Block 9 Lot 1 Aiola South8,683,000.0045719,000.00
Block 9 Lot 10 Aiola South7,012,500.0037518,700.00
Block 9 Lot 2 Aiola South7,442,600.0039818,700.00
Block 9 Lot 4 Aiola South7,311,700.0039118,700.00
Block 9 Lot 5 Aiola South7,236,900.0038718,700.00
Block 9 Lot 9 Aiola South6,937,700.0037118,700.00

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