Join us on an experience of gastronomic proportions. Savor on thoughtfully planned out community build around a shared love of  food. We realized that food brings us together, so why not make it the center point of a community.

In even simpler terms, community is uilt upon conversations. People like to eat and they like to talk about it. Ask a stranger anywhere in the world what or where he likes to eat and chances are he’ll open up. The new food movement still labeled as Do It Yourself, but it’s really Do It Ourselves.

So why not create a sustainable food community TOGETHER?. Happiness and pleasure involve depending on others. In this case, dessert is included.

Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore:

Revolution Precrafted has entered into a formal agreement with Central Country Estate, Inc. (CCEI) for the construction and delivery of $345 million worth of pre-crafted homes and retail stores in a 70-hectare prime development in Lakeshore, Pampanga.

The project, named “Revolution Flavorscapes at Lakeshore” is the world’s first livable food park which would feature pop-up stores offering cuisines from 200 countries.

The development boasts of groundbreaking amenities including a Museum of Ice Cream, Museum of Candy, A Chocolate Gallery and a Microbrewery with surrounding Beer Garden.

There will also be a Floating Restaurant, Floating Cinema and Amphitheater situated at the banks of Lakeshore’s 12-hectare man-made lake.

Revolution Precafted Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio said “we will supply $115.4 million to build more than 7,100 carefully curated prefabricated homes that will soon rise on a lush space in The Lakeshore in Mexico, Pampanga, situated at a mere stone’s throw away from an existing man-made lake.”

Antonio revealed the Revolution Precrafted expects more than $345 million in revenues from the sale of the precrafted homes and popup retail stores, to be located in strategic areas around the development, in its first phase.

He said Revolution Flavorscapes is an homage to Pampanga, which maintains its reputation as the food capital of the Philippines.

For his part, CCEI Managing Director Brian John Mangio said the master planned community will give residents the chance to experience a lakeside lifestyle, complete with a wide array of industry leading amenities.

“We are building a FamiLeisure hub, a community swimming pool, a drive-by cinema, museums, spas and sports center that will promote an active lifestyle,” Mangio said.

Revolution Precrafted will build and supplky 48 square meter townhouses called Revolution Alcove; and 72 square meter origin squared units called Revolution Nest and Revolution pop-up F&B and Merchants stores. The development of the property is expected to start in 2018 and will be completed in phases. Development of the master planned community and the construction of the houses is expected to be completed over three years.

Our Mission

Revolution Flavorscapes is a carefully curated community for the everyman foodie and his family who appreciates the uniqueness and practicability of making a home and building roots in a culturally diverse food-centric neighborhood.

Our Business Positioning

Revolution Flavorscapes is a community building, culturally enriching sustainable, profit maximizing residential development located at the culinary capital of the Philippines –Pampanga.

The Look and Feel

Revolution Flavorscapes is a beautifully masterplanned community that boasts artful and design-forward precrafted homes spread over 70hectares of lush land in Lakeshore Pampanga, a mere stone’s-throw away from breathtaking man-made lake.


  • 12 minute drive to Clark International Airport.
  • 4 minute drive to Malls at San Fernando and Angeles City.
  • 40minute drive to SM North Edsa.
  • 50 minutes away from the beaches of Subic and Bataan.
  • 2 hours drive to Baguio City via SCTex and TPLex.
  • Mexico Exit is in between giant malls (San Fernando Exit: Robinsons Starmills and SM Pampanga, S&R; Angeles Exit: Marque Mall.
  • BCDA;s The Green City which aims to replicated Metro Manila is 15mins away.
  • Ayala’s Township in Porac is 42km away from the Lakeshore.
  • Lakeshore is closer to Metro Manila by about 25kms than Ayala’s project
  • Exisiting amenities of Lakeshore Estate, and nearby Golf Course, increase the value of its surrounding properties.
  • The Lakeshore is centrally located in the region being at the crossroads of Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bulacan and Tarlac.
  • On-going construction of circumferential road starting from the Mega Dike of San Fernando to Arayat road.
  • GMA 7 purchased a 37-hectare property near the development



  • ROUTE 1 (Mexico-Sindalan): From Sindalan, exit mexico then turn right on Mexico-Sindalan Road to Lakeshore Main Gate.
  • ROUTE 2 (San Fernando): From NLEX, exit from San Fernando and turn right from Olongapo- Gapan Road, Turn left after SM San Fernando Into Beverly Subdivision, pass through access road going into Lakeshore Communties.
  • ROUTE 3 (San Fernando): From Ologapo-Gapan Road: From SM Pampanga Head to Mexico Town Proper, turn left after ENOC Gas Station.