The Lakeshore is the first master-planned community in the country to offer residents a world of secluded lakeside luxury, 250 hectares of prime land crowned with a magnificent 12 hectare man-made lake. Residents need not go far to enjoy adventure-filled activities like fishing, sailing and kayaking.


The Lakeshore is an oasis in the north waiting to be discovered. The Lakeshore created 11 villages: the luxurious Aiola East, West and South; the pioneers Woodbridge and Stonegate, Stonegate’s successor Stonegate Centrale; Venice, inspired by the Italian city; the Mediterranean-like Eastlake; the creek-accented Crosscreek; Westwood for the naturist; and the more affordable Parklane.

Living in Lakeshore with beauty and elegance

Live in your dream home here in Lakeshore.


The amenities in Lakeshore are top-notch living in Lakeshore is easier with the amenities we provide.

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Nurturing while living in Lakeshore is easy with the natural environment we have pollution is not a problem. Lakeshore is safe and secure. 


The comfort of living in Lakeshore with the amenities and the homely environment. It guarantees that living here is the dream.

Products and Services

These are a summary of the products and services that Lakeshore can offer.

Where to find us ?

The Lakeshore, is a prime real estate development in Central Luzon, strategically located along Kilometer 71 of the North Luzon Expressway. Established in 2000 by Central Country Estate Inc.

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