Lakeshore's Amenities consists of the famous St. John Paul II Chapel, Lakeshore's Tent, Club, Villas and many more. Lakeshore's Amenities are of top notch and social media worthy!

Featured Activities

There are multiple activities that you can do in Lakeshore such as Prenups, Weddings, Kayaking, Boating and many more. Explore Lakeshore now.

St. John Paul II Chapel

Feel the presence of God in Lakeshore. Bring your family and friends together with God in St. John Paul II Chapel.

The Lakeshore Clubhouse

Enjoy your activities in our clubhouse. Make sure to bring in a lot of people in our Clubhouse

The Lakeshore Tent

Enjoy every occasion be it Weddings, Birthdays, Functions and many more in Lakeshore’s Tent. Drink, Dance, Sing while enjoying the view of Lakeshore!

The North Pier

Enjoy the Lakeview in the North Pier. Truly a social media worthy area. Take pictures and enjoy your food here at The north pier. 

The Lighthouse Tent

Enjoy the scenery and events in The Lighthouse Tent. Drink, Dance, Sing while enjoying the view of Lakeshore!