Land Division

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NameTotal Contract PriceSQMPrice/SQMRESERVE
Block 10A Lot 1 East Lake7,454,300.0046316,100.00
Block 10A Lot 2 East Lake5,798,400.0038415,100.00
Block 10A Lot 3 East Lake5,375,600.0035615,100.00
Block 10A Lot 4 East Lake5,194,400.0034415,100.00
Block 10A Lot 5 East Lake5,194,400.0034415,100.00
Block 10A Lot 6 East Lake5,451,100.0036115,100.00
Block 10B Lot 16 East Lake5,722,900.0037915,100.00
Block 10B Lot 17 East Lake5,919,200.0039215,100.00
Block 10B Lot 2 East Lake5,602,100.0037115,100.00
Block 10B Lot 3 East Lake5,722,900.0037915,100.00
Block 10B Lot 4 East Lake5,768,200.0038215,100.00
Block 10B Lot 5 East Lake5,738,000.0038015,100.00
Block 10B Lot 6 East Lake6,070,200.0040215,100.00
Block 10B Lot 7 East Lake6,471,300.0040715,900.00
Block 1A Lot 12B East Lake9,853,000.0059016,700.00
Block 1A Lot 18 East Lake6,872,400.0041416,600.00
Block 1A Lot 21 East Lake6,855,800.0041316,600.00
Block 1A Lot 8 East Lake7,063,200.0043616,200.00
Block 1D Lot 2 East Lake5,496,400.0036415,100.00
Block 1D Lot 7 East Lake4,620,600.0030215,300.00
Block 2A Lot 3 East Lake7,748,800.0046416,700.00
Block 2B Lot 1 East Lake6,359,500.0039516,100.00
Block 2B Lot 15 East Lake5,342,400.0033615,900.00
Block 2C Lot 10 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 11 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 12a East Lake5,023,200.0032215,600.00
Block 2C Lot 12b East Lake5,023,200.0032215,600.00
Block 2C Lot 14 East Lake4,992,000.0032015,600.00
Block 2C Lot 3 East Lake4,877,300.0032315,100.00
Block 2C Lot 5 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 6 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 7 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 8 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2C Lot 9 East Lake4,862,200.0032215,100.00
Block 2D Lot 3 East Lake5,700,000.0037515,200.00
Block 2D Lot 6 East Lake5,335,200.0034215,600.00
Block 2D Lot 8 East Lake5,132,400.0032915,600.00
Block 2D Lot 9 East Lake7,207,200.0042916,800.00
Block 3A Lot 12B East Lake8,416,800.0050416,700.00
Block 3A Lot 2 East Lake7,748,800.0046416,700.00
Block 3A Lot 4 East Lake8,096,400.0046817,300.00
Block 3A Lot 7 East Lake8,550,400.0051216,700.00
Block 4A Lot 1 East Lake12,107,500.0072516,700.00
Block 4A Lot 3 East Lake7,822,800.0047716,400.00
Block 4A Lot 4 East Lake15,013,300.0089916,700.00
Block 4A Lot 6 East Lake6,297,600.0038416,400.00
Block 4A Lot 7 East Lake8,511,600.0051916,400.00
Block 4D Lot 10 East Lake6,350,400.0039216,200.00
Block 4D Lot 6 East Lake7,097,500.0042516,700.00
Block 4D Lot 8 East Lake7,180,800.0040817,600.00
Block 4E Lot 18 East Lake6,286,800.0040315,600.00
Block 5 Lot 10 East Lake6,754,800.0043315,600.00
Block 5 Lot 15 East Lake7,526,400.0044816,800.00
Block 5 Lot 9 East Lake7,066,800.0045315,600.00
Block 6 Lot 17 East Lake6,729,800.0041816,100.00
Block 6 Lot 2 East Lake5,756,400.0036915,600.00
Block 6 Lot 27 East Lake5,054,400.0032415,600.00
Block 6 Lot 34 East Lake6,391,700.0039716,100.00
Block 6 Lot 36 East Lake5,023,200.0032215,600.00
Block 7A Lot 10 East Lake8,213,400.0050716,200.00
Block 7A Lot 11 East Lake6,879,600.0044115,600.00
Block 7A Lot 12A East Lake6,739,200.0043215,600.00
Block 7A Lot 16 East Lake7,191,600.0046115,600.00
Block 7A Lot 2 East Lake5,584,800.0035815,600.00
Block 7A Lot 3 East Lake5,943,200.0038015,640.00
Block 7A Lot 4 East Lake5,786,800.0037015,640.00
Block 7A Lot 5 East Lake5,364,520.0034315,640.00
Block 7A Lot 6 East Lake6,240,360.0039915,640.00
Block 7A Lot 8 East Lake6,021,400.0038515,640.00
Block 7A Lot 9 East Lake10,789,200.0066616,200.00
Block 7B Lot 17 East Lake7,353,800.0044316,600.00
Block 7B Lot 23 East Lake6,363,200.0038816,400.00
Block 7B Lot 27 East Lake6,723,600.0043115,600.00
Block 7B Lot 29 East Lake6,773,400.0042615,900.00
Block 7B Lot 30 East Lake6,741,600.0042415,900.00
Block 7B Lot 32 East Lake6,262,500.0037516,700.00
Block 7B Lot 48 East Lake6,939,100.0043116,100.00
Block 7B Lot 60 East Lake7,662,600.0047316,200.00
Block 7B Lot 7 East Lake6,656,600.0040116,600.00
Block 7B Lot 8 East Lake8,132,900.0048716,700.00
Block 8 Lot 2 East Lake5,803,200.0037215,600.00
Block 8 Lot 22 East Lake5,553,600.0035615,600.00
Block 9 Lot 6 East Lake5,216,400.0032216,200.00
Block 9 Lot 7 East Lake5,297,400.0032716,200.00

Amortization Calculator

  • Down payment – usually 20% but you can input an amount more than 20% to lessen the computed monthly amortization.
  • Interest rate – usually, the interest per year is between 6-8%.
  • Payment period – that the minimum and maximum number of years given by a financial institution is normally 3 to 15 years (36 – 180 months) or the number of remaining years until the buyer reaches the age of 65 years old.