Land Division

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NameTotal Contract PriceSQMPrice/SQMRESERVE
Block 12A Lot 2 Commercial11,340,000.0054021,000.00
Block 12B Lot 12B Commercial12,988,800.0049226,400.00
Block 12B Lot 22 Commercial10,950,000.0050021,900.00
Block C1B Lot 12 Commercial10,836,000.0051621,000.00
Block C1B Lot 5 Commercial10,647,000.0050721,000.00
Block C1B Lot 6 Commercial13,167,000.0062721,000.00
Block C2 Lot 4 Commercial10,626,000.0050621,000.00
Block C2 Lot 5 Commercial10,626,000.0050621,000.00

Amortization Calculator

  • Down payment – usually 20% but you can input an amount more than 20% to lessen the computed monthly amortization.
  • Interest rate – usually, the interest per year is between 6-8%.
  • Payment period – that the minimum and maximum number of years given by a financial institution is normally 3 to 15 years (36 – 180 months) or the number of remaining years until the buyer reaches the age of 65 years old.

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