The desire to help spread the word of God

Saint John Paul II Chapel’s design concept is modern architecture. It is fully air-conditioned and has a premium sound system with sound calibrated for church/religious concert setup and in addition to enhance the sound quality, acoustical boards are installed in the ceiling. Seating capacity inside is good for 800 people and could be stretch to 1000 seating capacity until outside hallways.


Architect Nestor S. Mangio – President and CEO of Central Country Estate, Inc., and the man behind the church draws his inspiration to build the chapel from his desire to help spread the word of God and build the spiritual foundation and nurture the spirituality of the LAKESHORE COMMUNITY and the surrounding communities. To build a place of worship for the community and at the same time a venue for religious sacraments and religious cultural events. To leave a legacy, a place for evangelisation even when we are gone to give glory to God.

The beautiful Saint John Paul II Chapel
regularly holds Sunday Mass and plays
host to Catholic Weddings, sacraments,
and religious cultural events. 


The Lighthouse Tent


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The Lakeshore Tent


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The North Park


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The Lakeview Promenade


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The Lakeshore is now considered the next important events venue in Pampanga. Hence, the construction of the Lakeshore Church would further fortify the estate’s status as the leading wedding destination in this part of the country.